A Tradition of Peace at the University of Dayton

The Peace Studies Institute (PSI), started in 1970, offered a multi-discipline curriculum of peace courses and brought speakers to UD such as Daniel and Philip Berrigan. PSI was started by Chris Wagner, a Marianist brother, in reaction to the Vietnam War and a desire to make UD live up to its Catholic tradition of social justice and education. Bro. Leo Murray, S.M., was the theological center and staff/faculty advisor to PSI; in his 60s at the time, he later went to Northern Ireland to design a student exchange program between Northern Ireland and the Republic. 

The student organization Plowshares for Peace, among other activities, called for the Central Intelligence Agency to stop recruitment on campus at UD in the late 1980s. This period was when details of illegal U.S. support of the contras in Nicaragua became publicized, along with the related sales of arms to Iran (also illegal at the time). The campaign included a sit-in fast in St. Mary’s Hall and led to a series of speakers, including Robert W. Owen ("Oliver North’s Right-Hand Man") and Admiral Stansfield Turner (the director of the CIA from 1977 to 1981), coming to campus to discuss the work of the CIA.

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